The Project of the Multipurpose Center “Luce del Sole” was created with the objective of promoting the economic and social development of a community that lives in a rural area on a plateau 1000 meters above sea level, about 20 km from the City of Vitòria da Conquista – State of Bahia – Brazil. The northeast of Brazil is one of the poorest areas of South America.
To increase and improve agricultural production, 60 families in the community of Goabeira I, II and S. Martha, have decided to unite around a common project of the local development promoted by the “LA LUCE”.
The area in which the community lives is still a lack of the most important services and infrastructure: no water, the electricity grid is sparsely distributed, are few services and means of connection to the city.
The Association “LA LUCE” is taking steps, with the help of technicians, members, volunteers, to make a real village communities.
The basis of the project is the intention to ensure that children and adolescents to exercise full citizenship and the organic development of their potential, excluding purely welfare actions. The project, in fact, will be built within the community and sees the active participation of all its members.
Specific Objectives:
-Activation of vocational workshops.
-To stimulate agricultural production
-Turn routes sexual orientation, hygiene education and information on health.
– Achieving cultural, recreational and motor for children, adolescents and adults following attitudes and personal vocation of each participant.
-Encourage children, adolescents and adults in education to recognize the main means of improving their living conditions and freedom from poverty and social exclusion.